My path to teaching holistic integrative fitness began with an active lifestyle in junior high and high school through my participation in competitive sports, followed by a discovery of the joy of movement through dance, and the creation and telling of stories with choreography. In college I continued dancing and focused on my extracurricular dance and choreography related activities. After receiving a BA from the University of Vermont, I moved to New York City. In the city I taught Muller technique to pre-professional and professional dancers and continued performing and telling stories through dance. Through the dance world I was introduced to personal fitness training.

Practice Philosophy: to meet clients at their personal level of fitness and guide them to a stronger, more balanced, and flexible body.

In 1995 I was certified as a personal trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). I became as passionate in teaching alignment, balance, and effective techniques for strength conditioning to my clients as I was in teaching dance to dancers. Over the years, the stress of dancing took a toll on my body and began to limit my ability to move with comfort and ease. I discovered yoga and became a certified yoga teacher receiving my first training from Integral Yoga Institute in 2003, followed by an advanced certification from Om Yoga in 2004. Through yoga I learned meditation and breathing techniques that infuse my personal training sessions. However, my body continued to ache and to be limited in its movement.

Through my continuing education studies for fitness training, I met Andy Langberg, the founder and developer of Reactivation, and I discovered the benefits of an energetic “tune-up” for my body. Now that my body could move through its full range of motion again, I had a couple of children (check out the entries in my blog prior to 2015), continued personal training, teaching yoga, and developed parent and child dance fitness classes. I took undergraduate and graduate level courses in nutrition and exercise science at Brooklyn College and obtained my ACE Health Coach certification in 2007. A few years later, after another injury, I reacquainted myself with Reactivation. The opportunity arose to study Reactivation and I became a Level 1 Reactivation Specialist in April 2014, followed by a Level 2 Reactivation Specialist in June of 2014. Now as a Level 3 Reactivation Specialist (March 2017), I enjoy the process of energetically “tuning up” clients and seeing how these “tune-ups” can enable greater facility of movement in yoga poses, sports, and can create a general sense of well-being in activities daily life. With Reactivation I embarked on the unexpected path of energy healing. This allows me to help others create health in their bodies and lives through a unique pathway.

Since 2019 I have been working with Lynne, I have become aware of how to improve my balance and gait.

Elaine S

Starting in 2011 the focus of my practice gradually shifted to mature adults. My background allowed this to be a natural progression: due to a family history of osteoporosis I had always been interested in exercise and it’s role in the prevention of osteoporosis and as a former dancer, balance has been something that I have worked on daily and enjoyed teaching to others. Over the years I have taken multiple courses focusing on older adults and seniors to deepen my knowledge base, including a brain fitness course that lead to certification as a Cognitive Fitness Facilitator from the American Senior Fitness association in 2011 and I received a certification as a Functional Aging Specialist in March of 2021.

I have not lost my passion for telling stories, as I can, on occasion, still be found in a park or cafe writing. Click here for information about my writing.

Photos by David Willems