Wellbodyfit Session

Lynne Wells has over 25 years of experience as a personal fitness trainer working with clients all ages, from children to seniors. Wellbodyfit services Downtown Brooklyn and its surrounding areas for in person sessions.

Wellbodyfit Session

The first Wellbodyfit session begins with a discussion of goals, prior experience with exercise, a health history, and an introduction to specific exercises tailored to your needs in order to begin your process of moving toward your personal goals.

Typical sessions after the first session begin with a warm-up followed by a cardiovascular exercise component, strength training, core training, and ending with a stretching or relaxation component, all specifically designed for you at your current level of fitness. Throughout the Wellbodyfit sessions I incorporate health coaching, including, but not limited to, discussions about behavior change, learning about calorie balance and techniques to tip calorie balance to create weight loss, learning to read nutrition labels, proper hydration, and learning how to incorporate yogic breathing techniques, poses, or mediation into your life.

I’ve worked with Lynne for over 20 years and that’s included times of sickness and health. I’ve always appreciated her ability to tailor what we do to reflect my current situation. She is supportive and knows when to puhs and when to hold off.

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With expertise in yoga, fitness, senior fitness, balance and coordination, pre and post natal exercise, youth fitness, and nutrition and exercise, however you wish to create health for yourself, I am happy to tailor the service to meet your individual needs.

These personalized sessions are brought to you in the comfort of your own home or office, and can be done remotely.