Here are the words from a few of my satisfied clients.

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Lynne is a trainer who addresses one’s needs, strengths, and ability to respond to her vigorous but sensitive sessions. It feels good even after a serious workout. Lynne is a very special professional.

Joan K

I’ve worked with Lynne for over 20 years and that’s included times of sickness and health. I’ve always appreciated her ability to tailor what we do to reflect my current situation. She is supportive and knows when to puhs and when to hold off.

Susan F

Since 2019 I have been working with Lynne, I have become aware of how to improve my balance and gait.

Elaine S

You have been extremely professional to work with and very caring on a personal level. I enjoy our sessions even on FaceTime.

Roz K

I am feeling great. I still feel this fantastic sense of balance and sense of peace in my lower body.

Silke R

I felt great after the work on Friday, in particular looking behind me as I rode my bike was so easy. Lynne’s amazing insight into my emotional blocks was uncannily accurate, feels like she is tapping into a healing wisdom that is ancient and magical.

Julia Ryan
actress and playwright

Having a painful shoulder and being told by a surgeon that I would eventually need a replacement, I wanted to put off the inevitable for as long as possible. Lynne did four reactivation sessions with me over a five month period. Since then I have gone from taking four Advil tablets a day to none and I am no longer experiencing painful nerve type shocks to my upper arm. I am now able to open doors, carry a gallon of milk, and comfortable attaching a seatbelt using that arm.

Donna Legare
retired teacher

Lynne’s Reactivation work on me has been so illuminating! It’s effective, with immediate results, and gives me lots of useful information about how I function and my personal patterns. Sessions always leave me in a different place than when I walked in the door. Lynne’s gentle energy and good vibe is a healing pleasure in itself. And her enthusiasm and skill with the REactivation work, combined with knowledge about the body is a fantastic mix. I have tried many healing modalities – and I really appreciate the special quality of Lynne’s Reactivation work!

Kendall Cornell
clown, director, and teacher

At age 41 I have been diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis of my right hip and my orthopedist has told me I will need a hip replacement. I have daily pain semi-managed with NSAIDs. Lynne’s treatment approach connects teh mind, muscle and energy in a way I have never experienced. After my first session with Lynne, I have found my hip flexibility to be significantly increased. I feel like my muscle groups are working together, not one working harder than the other as it was before. My session with Lynne was amazing and was an unexpected emotional experience charging me physically and mentally!

Robin Griffith
Office Supervisor Central Vermont Medical Center

The session was TOTALLY amazing. I so appreciate your work, your training, your time, your intention and your view. I felt great after your session and continue to feel pretty good. I can actually say with all honesty: “You make me feel like dancing!” Yep, I did.

Jennifer Brilliant
yoga teacher and personal trainer

Lynne’s Reactivation work leaves me feeling strongly balanced and grounded. Although the work in non-invasive and subtle, the results are quite dramatic. My chronic knee pain is lessened to the point of being almost non-existent. I look forward to many more ‘tune-ups’ in the future! Highly recommended.

Leda Meredith
author, forager, choreographer, and former principal dancer with Jennifer Muller / The Works